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West Seattle Tool Library
We Need Your Help!

Ever borrow a tool from your neighbor? Ever wish they had a better selection? Sustainable West Seattle has won a grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and has set up a tool lending library. You can find out more information or check out our inventory!

Solarize SW Seattle Results In…and Staggering!

There are some forward thinking people in our city aren’t there? A testament to this is the recent Solarize SW Seattle Project that, by May of this year, will have left South West Seattle with nearly 2700 solar panels powering the homes of local residents with clean, green, solar power. All of this in a matter of 5 months!

Were any of the Solarize SW Seattle systems installed in your neighborhood? Click below to see the map.


Aside from the cost savings, increased home value, ..continue reading

Solar Nerd: Community-owned Solar Factory, Why Not?

Meaningful Solar Idea o’ the Day Because Good Ideas Should Be Freed

I am so tired of having these huge ideas floating around my head and no one to share them with….so here we go. I’m opening my book to you, the sustainable community. Let’s see what happens when I turn on the idea faucet! Who’s got a bucket?

Idea 1: Non-profit, Community Owned Photovoltaic Factory

Don’t you dare scoff! Read on! The gist is this; you can’t compete with China when it comes to manufacturing anything ..continue reading

Solar Nerd: Community Solar Can Help In Many Ways

by Eric Thomas No public school or library budget? Public service retirements in danger? Community Solar to the Rescue

We already know that solar power can save the world, but in staying with the here (West Seattle) and now (a recession), solar power can help save some of our most treasured community institutions; our schools and libraries. In the following paragraphs I will outline a proposal for these institutions to get FREE solar power systems, lower electric bills, and run on good green power (not to mention the awesome intangible benefits such as ..continue reading

Solar Nerd: Does Solar Power Work In Seattle?

(Sustainable West Seattle is pleased to introduce a new original series: Solar Nerd.  Solar Nerd is Eric Thomas, owner and proprietor of Solar Epiphany, a West Seattle (6016 B California Ave SW) provider of  solar education, installation and advocacy). Does Solar Power Work In Seattle?   Natürlich!

A headline recently came across my desk that blew my socks off. It read, “Germany Adds Nearly 1% of Electricity Supply with Solar in Eight Months.”   Nearly 1%!

Geez! At that rate, they could ..continue reading