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Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2073: Some Regions Thrive; Trade Disappears

In a Climate Changed World: Chapter 7 – by Andy Silber Vancouver BC Cascadia June 20th, 2073

I can’t believe my parents aren’t here. I know there was no way they could come, but it just doesn’t seem right. A girl, even a girl of 33, wants to be given away by her father at her wedding. She wants her mother to see how happy she is and to be impressed about how handsome the groom looks. A wedding is supposed to be the merger of two families. Ben’s family is all here, but ..continue reading

Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2065: Local Economies Arise; Nation States

In a Climate Changed World: Chapter 6 – by Andy Silber Capitol building (formerly Seattle City Hall) Seattle, WA January 20th, 2065

CascadiaCapitolIt’s hard to believe that in one hour I’ll be sworn in as the first Prime Minster of Cascadia. I’m certainly not a revolutionary by temperament and much more likely to be leading a county than a country. When I was elected King County Executive I thought I had the perfect job and would have been happy to retire from that position after ..continue reading

Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2055: World Economies Collapse, Island Escape

In a Climate Changed World: Chapter 5 -  by Andy Silber Isla del Buitre August 14th, 2055

islandNice to not have the ground moving. Just because I own a 54-meter fusion powered yacht and I lived on it for a year, doesn’t mean I like being on a boat. In prep school the jocks rowed crew or sailed, but that just wasn’t my thing. It cut into my drinking and partying time. Especially crew with their 5 am practices. Who does that without a ..continue reading

Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2055: Distressed Earth, A New Mars

In a Climate Changed World: Chapter 4 – by Andy Silber March 4th, 2055 Yucca Mountain, Nevada

I love when it’s my turn to do security detail, especially when my shift falls at night. I get to come outside; see the stars and the mountains silhouetted against the moonlight, breath the fresh mountain air. There are always three security guards up here, as befitting an abandoned federal facility, it’s just not always the same three people. Not that there’s anyone to watch us, except maybe a Chinese satellite. We’re surrounded by a hundred ..continue reading

Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2047: Earth & Mars On Different Paths

In a Climate Changed World: Chapter 3 - By Andy Silber August 24th, 2047 ICE3 Station, Greenland

Greenland harborToday the ship has come to pick us up. For over two decades I’ve been here keeping the glaciers from flowing into the ocean. The press release talked about the cost and better ways to spend our resources, but we know the real reason. Once the rains came, it was hopeless. At first we only had to deal with the melting ice and refreeze whatever made ..continue reading

Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2035: Terraforming and Colonizing Mars

In a Climate Changed World: Chapter 2 - By Andy Silber September 11th, 2035 Space City, New Mexico

Orion_docked_to_Mars_Transfer_VehicleI take my last breath of REAL air. Sure, I’ll still be breathing nitrogen, oxygen and trace amounts of most everything else. Eventually it will be made by plants. Or we all die. But never again will I breathe “Earth air”. Never again to see an Earth sunrise or sunset or an ocean. I doubt I’ll even see a lake, but there is some hope for ..continue reading

Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2025: Warmer, Higher Sea Level, Fusion Power

solar flaresIn a Climate Changed World: Chapter 1 - By Andy Silber July 17th, 2025 Richland, WA

We’re all just sitting here waiting for the President. Not in person of course. Too busy with the Greenland ice dam or the crisis in Bangladesh or something. I think she just didn’t want to come out here in July, when it’s 110 F. Or maybe it’s the leaky tanks of radioactive waste left over from building the A-bombs. Whatever, she’s not really here. But she’s going to ..continue reading

Energy Blog: Comments on the Proposed Cherry Point Coal Terminal

By Andy Silber

These are the comments I’m sending to the Environmental Impact Statement Scoping process (comments@eisgatewaypacificwa.gov) about the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point. I strongly believe that stopping coal exports through Washington State is our most important environmental struggle.  

I believe strongly that the scope of the EIS for the Cherry Point Coal Terminal needs to include all environmental and health impacts that will be the result of building this facility. The ..continue reading

Energy Blog: Sustainable Tourism in Tanzania

By Andy Silber

Ecotourism in Tanzania

I’m just back from a 2 week safari in Tanzania with my extended family. My mother, 2 brothers and our families made up half of an armada of Toyota Land Cruisers driving across the national parks of northern Tanzania. Safari is the Swahili word for long journey and anything that starts and ends with a 20-hour plane flight with a seven-year old counts. The first safari was in 1836 led by William Cornwallis ..continue reading

Energy Blog: The Lorax: I Speak for Myself

By Andy Silber

The Lorax: I speak for myself

The book that is often cited for awakening the environmental movement was Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring. It’s publication in 1962 (a year before I was born) is given credit for the banning of DDT and the passage of the clean air and clean water acts. But for those of us born in the 1960s, the book that opened our eyes to the need to protect the world around us was a book ..continue reading