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West Seattle Tool Library
We Need Your Help!

Ever borrow a tool from your neighbor? Ever wish they had a better selection? Sustainable West Seattle has won a grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and has set up a tool lending library. You can find out more information or check out our inventory!


Do you want to submit an event for the website or newsletter? Please email your information to events@sustainablewestseattle.org.  Be sure to include the following:

  • What the event is (name or title or general description);
  • Where the event will be  (physical location [address] and any specific location instructions);
  • Who the event is for (target audience or expected participants);
  • Why the event is being held (reasons or purpose);
  • When the event will be held (date and time);
  • A contact person or persons preferably with phone and email contact information.

Have a question about our programs or projects?

For the Tool Library, email library@sustainablewestseattle.org

For the Festival, email festival@sustainablewestseattle.org

If you have a general question, contact us at info@sustainablewestseattle.org

Our mailing address is:

Sustainable West Seattle
4742 42nd Ave SW, #199
Seattle, WA 98116

Sustainable West Seattle’s shape and activities reflect the talent and interests of those who come along for the ride, but we aim to provide resources and outreach for the West Seattle neighborhood on issues such as:

  • Renewable Energy & Conservation
  • Local Transportation Solutions
  • Eating Locally
  • Sustainable Health and Elder Care
  • Water & Waste Reduction
  • Community-Based Economics
  • Green Space Conservation
  • Understanding and Practicing Resilience

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SWS Mission

Sustainable West Seattle educates, creates and advocates for urban sustainability in our local community.

SWS Vision

We envision a West Seattle community of empowered citizens who actively lead us toward greater self-reliance, local democracy, social justice, and existence in harmony with life on earth.

SWS Bylaws

Click here to open a window with our Bylaws in PDF format.

SWS 2014 Board of Directors

Board members are elected annually at the January SWS monthly forum and serve for a maximum consecutive term of three years.  

SWS Founders