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Parks Levy Fund Will Improve 6 Street Ends & Help Increase Our Shoreline Access

s_riverside_drImprovements to six shoreline street ends will be coming this summer.

Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Department of Transportation are working together to improve public street ends and increase shoreline access. Select street ends along Lake Washington, Lake Union, Puget Sound, and other waterways in Seattle provide physical and/or visual access to the shoreline and water for all Seattle residents to enjoy.

This summer construction will begin at six sites throughout the City.

  • 72nd Ave. S.
    • Located in the south Rainier Beach neighborhood, this street end on Lake Washington is a low bank with a steep driveway access.
    • Proposed improvements include a bench or table.
  • S Oregon St.
    • Located on the east side of the Duwamish River, this street end is in an industrial area off of E. Marginal Way.
    • Proposed improvements include a river overlook with picnic table.
  • McGraw Street End
    • Located in Magnolia on Perkins Lane, this site provides a low bank access to the Puget Sound with views of the Olympic Mountains.
    • Proposed improvements include a pathway to shoreline and a picnic table/bench.
  • 36th Ave. NW
    • Located in Ballard on the north side of the canal, this site is adjacent to the Burke Gilman Trail and on the Puget Sound.
    • Proposed improvements include an overlook, bicycle rack and picnic table.
  • 75th Ave. S
    • Located on Lake Washington in the south Rainier Beach neighborhood on a high bank with a tree covered slope.
    • Proposed improvements include a bench and overlook with a hand-rail.
  • S Riverside Drive
    • Located in the South Park neighborhood along the shoreline of the Duwamish River.
    • Proposed improvements include a pathway, benches, native landscaping.

Additional improvements to all projects may include signs and native landscaping.

The Parks and Green Spaces Levy provides funding for planning, design, permitting and construction for these projects.

Seattle voters passed the Parks and Green Spaces in November 2008. The $146 million Levy provides improvements to neighborhood play areas, improved playfields, reservoir lid parks, community gardens, safety upgrades at city owned cultural facilities and funding for a healthy ecosystem for Seattle. This “green” funding has three types of projects: Forest and stream restoration, community gardens and shoreline access.

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