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Seattle Sustainability Office Seeks Community Groups for Climate-Reducing Projects, Has $10K Grants Available

SeaCAPThe Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment is awarding 4 to 6 contracts for community groups and neighborhood organizations for projects that engage the community in reducing climate impacts.

They are interested in supporting efforts that will help people reduce the climate impacts of personal and household choices in one of the categories listed below. Proposals accepted for projects with a budget of $10,000 or less.

  • In Your Home -There are plenty of ways beyond lightbulbs to save energy in your home.
  • Getting There – The trip can be half the fun if you opt out of a car for short trips!
  • Eating – A climate-friendly diet is actually a healthier diet for you and your family!
  • Buying Stuff – Most people agree that more stuff doesn’t mean more happiness. What makes you happy?

The Proposal Deadline is Monday, April 22, (Earth Day!), at 5:00 pm.

Successful proposals will meet the following criteria:

  • Project fosters climate-friendly purchasing, transportation or home energy choices;
  • Project identifies a clear target audience, objective, and outcomes;
  • Project decreases greenhouse gas emissions for an individual or a household;
  • Project incorporates a means to measure success.

Keys to a successful grant application are available by clicking here. Additional consideration given to projects that engage a historically under-represented population.

The Proposal Application Form is available at as a Word Document by clicking here.

A Printable Description of the Community Climate Grant Program is available by clicking here.

For questions contact Sara Wysocki, by phone at 206-233-7014 or by email at sara.wysocki@seattle.gov.


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