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Help Create New, Sustainable Organic Community Garden @ Westcrest Park

Westcrest P-Patch Image1Join Sustainable West Seattle on Saturday, May 18, between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm at the new Westcrest P-Patch.  SWS members and members of the Westcrest P-Patch will be taking knowledge learned from the past two Successful Gardening with Nature forums and applying that knowledge to creating a new permaculture-oriented community garden, the produce of which will go directly to the White Center Food Bank.

The project is called Presto Garden and is possible through donations from community members and volunteer time from SWS members, from Westcrest P-Patch members, and from White Center Food Bank volunteers.

The community is pulling together to create a permanent vegetable garden to grow healthy, organic food for the White Center Food Bank.  Fresh local produce is of great benefit for the White Center Food Bank and is one of the food staples which is the most difficult to get and keep stocked.  An essential component of social justice is healthy food for everyone and that’s one of the goals for this project. Another goal is to create a new community of local, Westcrest P-Patch-based organic farmers who use the techniques which have been part of the Spring forum series held at the South Seattle Community College’s Horticulture Center.

The Presto Garden fulfills many of Sustainable West Seattle’s mission objectives, including:

  • Social Justice – providing healthy food for everyone in the community goes a long way toward equity;
  • Building Community – bringing together volunteers, non-profits and businesses to create a garden that produces organic vegetables, fruits and herbs for the White Center Food Bank;
  • Sustainability – growing food locally for our community is a sustainable activity.

Come join the fun and learn how to do organic gardens for yourself.  There will be refreshments at the Saturday preparation and planting party.

The following donations are being made to help complete the garden in a single day:

1 comment to Help Create New, Sustainable Organic Community Garden @ Westcrest Park

  • alkistu

    All of our SWS members are encouraged to help us leave an lasting impression on our quarterly theme of “successful gardening with nature. You could learn a bit about setting up your own garden as well. There is a nice playground adjacent to the work site. Please bring the kids. Now that should be a Saturday to remember!

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