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West Seattle Tool Library
We Need Your Help!

Ever borrow a tool from your neighbor? Ever wish they had a better selection? Sustainable West Seattle has won a grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and has set up a tool lending library. You can find out more information or check out our inventory!

Monthly Forum: Sustainable Alternatives To Growth Economics

The Sustainable West Seattle Monthly Forum for September features a panel discussion about Sustainable Alternatives to Growth Economics.

We will be meeting Monday, September 19, at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center‘s theater auditorium, on Delridge Way SW (see map below if not familiar).  The forum starts at 7:00 pm and runs through 9:00 pm.  Come early and bring a snack or fruit and socialize with other SWS members.

The last decade has shown that a growing economy isn’t always a healthy economy. Join SWS for an evening of exploring some great alternatives to an economy focused solely on growth.

We’ll look into how communities can move toward greater economic health through microlending, cooperatives, slow money, and alternative currencies.

Our panel includes:


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